About the B-Entrepreneur Project

The economic downturn and its effects are known to many Europeans, so we are challenged to find new and alternative ways to find appropriate solutions. These alternatives have been underpinned by the European Commission in several strategies and programmes, pointing out that entrepreneurship and the oppportunity to establish a business needs to be encouraged and supported throughout Europe. Investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest return investments Europe can make. 

The aim of B-Entrepreneur

B-Entrepreneur's general aim is to suppport access to the most innovative and validated best practices in training and education in the field of entrepreneurship developed within the framework of the EU LLP, especially focused on the target groups and valorisation best practices. The project will contribute towards the EU2020 and the Entrepreneurship Action Plan regarding the need to promote education in this field to foster a more competitive Europe. This will be achieved through a sound methodology with important milestones such as research and an articulated assessment of training tools in the field of entrepreneurship, which will also explore the methods and achievements in influencing decision makers. 

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The results and outputs

Numerous individual LLP projects have been developed during the 2007-2013 programming period in the field of entrepreneurship. B-Entrepreneur sets out to identify and evaluate 300 LLP best practices in education carried out in 27 member states. The best practices belong to the following categories: 1.) entrepreneurship in disadvantaged groups, 2.) training methodologies, and 3.) accompanying measures. 

After this preliminary desk research, 75 projects will be selected and analysed by a team of experts. Together with the desk research and its follow-up, an ICT platform will be made available.

The Online Library

The site of the project will follow the development of the project, and will contain its most important tool - the Online Library. The interactive Online Library where the best practices in entrepreneurship validated and updated will be available, will be hosted and disseminated for the next 3 years.

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