The People Behind the Project 

The B-Entrepreneur project is brought to you by a consortium of eight partners representing Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Spain with funding from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 - 2013. Collective expertise in the areas of vocational education and training, research and technology is available within the consortium. A brief description of each partner is set out below.

Contact details for each partner are available by clicking here.

Asociación de Servicios a las Empresas y Actividades Diversas de Madrid - Spain (Project Co-ordinator)

ADESEMA, was founded in 2001, with the objective of involving those organisations and companies whose main activities are the services delivery to companies. ADESEMA is specialised in some of the following activities of business services: legal activities, accounting activities, consultancy and professional advising, professional offices and technical studies, property management and other business and professional activities. ADESEMA is part of CEIM, Employers Confederation of Madrid - CEOE, participating actively in several of their working groups and committees, and in the National Association of Business Services to the Companies and Other Activities – ANESE. ADESEMA has built a solid network not only with entrepreneurs within its own sector (the services to enterprises) but is also the social agent in the collective negotiations in the region of Madrid, which has given the entity an important impact within the trade unions and the workers. For further information go to

Instituto de Formación Integral S.L.U. - Spain

Instituto de Formación Integral. S.L.U is a private company with more than 100 employees which runs training and consultancy activities with enterprises, Employers Associations, Trade Unions, NGOs and individual workers. IFI mainly operates in two business areas: 1). Continuous and occupational vocational training: IFI has successfully carried out and managed plenty of Training Plans at regional and national level. IFI offers a wide range of training courses related to: managing and personal skills, business administration and management, Human Resources, Business for Social Responsibility, Maintenance and manufacture, Logistics, Commerce, Marketing, Quality, Environmental area, NTIC’s, Design and Multimedia, Office automation and Languages. It is specialized in design, management and rendering of training courses as well as the corresponding search of financing search. Secondly 2.) Consultancy and projects: IFI, as a result of its wide experience in training courses, has carried out a service of consultancy and projects, characterized by a personalized customer service, individual monitoring, permanent attention and care of the aspects more relevant. For further information go to 

University of Craiova - Romania

The University of Craiova is the largest higher-education institution in Oltenia and a well known university at national and European level. The mission of the University is to provide training for students who are able to cope with the requirements of the new economy as well as to contribute to their spiritual well-being. The University is also well connected with the business environment in order to transfer and disseminate research outputs and incorporate the practical results of applications and tests from successful enterprises and organizations into the teaching and research activities. The flexible and dynamic educational offer consists in 8 Bachelor’s study domains for full time education - three years duration - with 10 specializations.  Long distance education (three years duration) is organised in 5 regional centres with the following specialisations. Teaching staff comprises well trained and well experienced academics, well known in their fields of activity. The University of Craiova has developed numerous partnerships with universities from abroad, thus facilitating mobility of human resources and transfer of knowledge. The relations of cooperation initiated with institutions from the European countries and the United States of America allowed the University to develop study visits and establish the European Institute of Enterprise Management, the Romanian-American Centre of Resources and Teaching and the Romanian-American Centre for the Development of SMEs.

Meath Partnership - Ireland

Meath Partnership plays a major strategic role in the economic development of County Meath implementing a series of development strategies to increase local employment prospects particularly for those most distant from the labour market. As a company we provide direct support delivering practical and business-enhancing solutions on a range of human resource, training and performance related issues.  We can provide capital grant aid up to €150,000 to support the creation and expansion of micro-enterprises thereby supporting job creation & economic diversification. For further information go to

Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - Austria

WIFI, the Institute for Economic Promotion (Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut) is a department of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO). WKO is the legal representative of the Austrian business community with some 350.000 members. WIFI is the largest provider of vocational training and advanced education in Austria. WIFI also develops innovative educational products in demand of the market and is a leader for design of new teaching methods and learning processes. WIFI is certified according the quality standard ISO 9001. WIFI Educational Management coordinates all Austrian regional institutes and develops new educational products in the fields of management, corporate leadership, personality development, languages, business economics, IT, technology and innovation. Customised personnel and skills development packages are put together for businesses and implemented on-site by in-house training courses. WIFI SME Support Centre is active in the fields of raising national and european funds for economic promotion of SMEs and as well dedicated to SMEs in the domain of awareness, events, information and consulting. WIFI International is a worldwide acting specialist for seminars and training courses. Together with local partner institutes (WIFI branches are currently established in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey), WIFI International regional managers create management training programmes designed to meet the individual needs of the respective markets. | |

Chamber of Commerce Rome – Instituto Romano per la Formazione Imprenditoriale - Italy

Istituto Romano per la Formazione Imprenditoriale (IRFI) is the designated training agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.
IRFI works actively with national and foreign institutions, universities and research centres. Its main aims are research, consultancy, development and management of training activities. Particular attention is given to courses financed by public funds (e.g. European Social Fund) offered free of charge to help young people enter the labour market.
IRFI Certifications: 1.)Business Quality System certification follows the ISO 9001:2000 standard with regard to planning and carrying out vocational training activities and 2.)Permanently accredited to conduct educational courses in Advanced Training, in Lifelong Learning and job orienting activities in the Province of Rome. For further information go to

Czech Chamber of Commerce Prerov - Czech Republic 

The Czech Chamber of Commerce Přerov is self-governing voluntary association of entrepreneurs. It was established in 1992 and is situated in the district city Přerov, Olomouc region. It currently has about 170 member companies that deal with production and service in different branches of the industry and agriculture. Czech Chamber of Commerce Přerov is the part of the network of regional Czech chambers of commerce and therefore is fully competent to disseminate the outcomes of the project not only in Olomouc region but on national level, too. The main activities of Czech Chamber of Commerce Přerov are to provide support for business activities, promote and protect of members interests, organise of the education courses and lectures, offer   professional training and retraining, professional consultancy, preparation of marketing studies, researches, preparation of the grant application for entrepreneurs and cooperation with the entrepreneurial unions, associations, institutions for development of entrepreneurial activities and education. For further information go to

Innoventum Oy - Finland

Innoventum Oy, founded in 2001, has strong experience in developing easy-to-use web-based applications for purposes ranging from e-learning to online shopping and live video streaming. We have a product base that suits for many different needs, built on a highly flexible and efficient framework. Our goal is to be the forerunner in modern web technologies and web based solutions. For further information go to