On 25th of November 2015, the final conference of the project took place in Madrid with the presentation of the partnership, a showcase of the project outputs, the launch of the Online Library and an expert-led discussion on the benefits of and future exploitation potential of the project.

The Online Library, which is the principal output of the project, was presented in detail at the conference, describing its development, functionality and resource capability. Experts from the entrepreneurship community from across all partner countries participated in the conference and discussed their experience of the B-entrepreneur evaluation of best practice process, and presented in their view the most interesting projects evaluation and the potential impact of these projects on entrepreneurship education and skills development.

The B-Entrepreneur website and the Online Library will remain online and active for a further three years up until December 2018. Furthermore, additional features have been added to the Online Library based on the recommendations of the experts, to offer the possibility of adding to and including new projects in the Online Library into the future. This will assist in keeping the Online Library up-to-date, vibrant and relevant over the next 36 months.

The B-Entrepreneur project draws to a close with the launching of the Online Library this month; an online interactive database that contains 26 of the best projects selected through shared, validated and robust criteria. Containing useful entrepreneurship projects, resources, training ideas and curricula, joining the B-Entrepreneur Community this month will be a valuable resource in your education, training and learning toolkit for years to come! We send you therefore our goodbyes and best wishes and invite you to visit http://b-entrepreneur.eu !


The biennial Project “B-Entrepreneur: BEST PRACTICES IN ENTEPRENEURSHIP AT EU LEVEL” (reference “B-ENTRE 543064-LLP-1-2013-1-ES-KA4-KA4MP”) is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme – 2013, Key Activity 4, Multilateral Projects, and will end in December 2015.